Building Dens!

We had lots of fun yesterday building dens! 

Our challenge was to build a waterproof shelter for Stig. By the end of our session we had some impressive dens which were big enough for us to sit inside. Today we wrote a set of instructions for building a den.

Thursday 5th September

On Tuesday we enjoyed our last session with Pavla. The session focused on hunter gatherers and how people hunted for food during the Stone Age. After acting out each stage of this, we recorded the process using pictures with charcoal.

Here is our class art work showing the different parts of the hunt.

What another busy week we’ve had in 3ES!

We have continued our work on Stig of the Dump in English and our activities this week have been based on our session with Pavla on Tuesday. The children enjoyed creating some freeze frames for the two main characters; Barney and Stig. We then worked as a whole class to write a short scary story to discourage others from going to the dump.

In our lesson today, the children really enjoyed writing their own short scary story. I’m glad I don’t have to visit this dump, we have some very vivid imaginations in 3ES!

Friday 22nd September

We had a very exciting morning on Tuesday when Pavla, who works for a theatrical company called The Blahs, came to work with us. You can see from the children’s faces how much they enjoyed the session! The session focused on chapter 2 of Stig of the Dump where Barney goes to visit Stig. The children first had to think about some of the activities a child might do in the countrysi

de and act these out. Pavla then gave us lots of random objects; such as: a scarf, a dish drainer, a bowl and a coat hanger. The children had to imagine that they were Stig seeing these objects for the first time and not knowing what they were or how they should be used. We came up with some funny uses for some of these!